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We are a West Virginia based company that was started due to our personal frustrations with finding a one-stop shop with good quality horse show apparel and accessories at a reasonable price.  We also needed an avenue to sell the things we no longer needed as our daughter outgrew them. We figured if we were having these same difficulties, surely others must be too! The Patchwork Pony was born in 2009 as our way of giving back to our industry in a way that would put an end to these common frustrations. We are mostly Saddleseat (Saddle Seat), but also have a good selection of Western, Huntseat (Hunt Seat) and Road Silks. We have tons of new and gently used Habits / Day Suits, Day Coats,Formal Tuxedos and Accessories from all the top equestrian tailors like Frierson's, Marsha DeArriaga, The Saddleseat Connection, Becker Brothers, DeRegnaucourt, LeCheval, Carl Meyers, Hawkewood / Linda Weber, Show Season and more.

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