The items we offer are custom tailored and don't conform well to normal street sizes, so to make sure that the items will work for you, we will need measurements. The "Contact Us" page is the easiest way to get your measurements to us. After reviewing the information below, please take a few minutes to submit your measurements to us from the contact us page.

Here's how we measure suits:

SS -- Shoulder to Shoulder: Measuring from the back, place tape arm seam to arm seam, at 1" below shoulder. DO NOT MEASURE POINT TO POINT!

SW-- Shoulder to Wrist: With arm straight, measure from edge of shoulder at top of the arm to 2" past the wrist.

NW-- Nape to Waist: Measuring from the back, take tape from the bottom of the collar to the natural waist (on an existing suit, measure to the"arrows" at the top of the pleats).

NK-- Nape to Knee: Measure from the bottom of the collar to the bend of the knee in back.

C -- Chest: Measure around fullest part of the chest, at nipple line.

W -- Waist: Measure at the natural waist, 1" above the navel, or the thinnest part of the physical waist.

IS -- Inseam: Standing barefoot on the floor, measure from groin, inside leg, past ankle to the floor. DO NOT ADD ADDITIONAL LENGTH TO THIS MEASUREMENT!

TH -- Thigh: Measure around top of leg exactly 4" below top of leg.

CA -- Calf: Measure around bottom of leg exactly 4" below knee.

HIP -- Hip: Measure seat at widest part of buttocks.

R -- Rise: Measure from navel to crotch.

G -- Gloves: Measure around hand just below fingers at the knuckles, do not include thumb. Then measure the length of the middle finger to fingertip.


Horse girth measurement with tape for accurate sizing on The Patchwork Pony

When submitting your measurements from the "Contact Us" page, please include the following information in the message portion of the online form. To help us offer the best service possible, please review ALL information prior to submitting your request.

  1. SS - Shoulder to Shoulder:
  2. SW - Shoulder to Wrist:
  3. NW - Nape to Waist:
  4. NK - Nape to Bend in Knee:
  5. C - Chest:
  6. W - Waist:
  7. IS - Inseam:
  8. Hips:
  9. Thigh:
  10. Calf:
  11. N - Neck:
  12. Hat Size:
  13. Boot Size:
  14. Street Size: