About Us

We are a West Virginia based company that was started due to our personal frustrations with finding good quality horse show apparel and accessories at a reasonable price all in one place.  And, we needed an avenue to sell the things we no longer needed.  We figured that if we were having these same difficulties, then others must be also. So, The Patchwork Pony was born as our way of helping you ease your frustrations.

We are quickly becoming an all-in-one place where riders can come to find everything they need to complete their "look" for the upcoming show season, but we can't continue to do that without your help in stocking our racks with great stuff, so, please contact us today.

Equestrian rider on horseOur Goals
    • To help riders find great clothing and accessories for the horse show season at a reasonable price
    • To assist riders sell their outgrown or no-longer-need riding apparel for a good price
    • And to make it easy and fun to do both of the above

    I'm just a "horse show mom" who loves my daughter, our horses, and her horse-loving friends, but I especially enjoy seeing them looking sharp when they are in the show ring.  When she started riding and showing, I had a big learning curve.  I had to figure out where to get everything, figure out who to call for what, where to go to get other things, what I could mail order, and what I had to go see for myself-- very difficult, to say the least. 

    The straw that broke the camel's back for me was a three day, 900 mile round trip odyssey that took me from my home in West Virginia, through several stops in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio, and back again, that only yielded one hat and two vests.  So, at that moment, I decided to start The Patchwork Pony.