C 37 SS 16 NW 19 NK 39.5 SW 25.5 W 29+2.5 IS 36+1.5 Formal Tuxedo
C 37 SS 16 NW 19 NK 39.5 SW 25.5 W 29+2.5 IS 36+1.5 Formal Tuxedo

C 37 SS 16 NW 19 NK 39.5 SW 25.5 W 29+2.5 IS 36+1.5 Formal Tuxedo


Regular price$2,150.00

Formal Tuxedo black mini check by Marsha DeArriaga

  • Collection = Formal Tuxedos
  • Chest = C 37
  • Shoulder = SS 16
  • Nape to Waist = NW 19
  • Nape to Knee = NK 39.5
  • Sleeve = SW 25.5
  • Waist Size = W 29+2.5
  • Inseam = IS 36+1.5

Item Number: 18-247

Item ID: 31919

Category: Formal Tuxedo

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  4. NK - Nape to Bend in Knee:
  5. C - Chest:
  6. W - Waist:
  7. IS - Inseam:
  8. Hips:
  9. Thigh:
  10. Calf:
  11. N - Neck:
  12. Hat Size:
  13. Boot Size:
  14. Street Size:

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